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Lake Titicaca: Lake Views from Hotels

When you’re visiting Lake Titicaca in Peru, you’ll definitely want a hotel with a view of the lake. At the Sonesta Posadas del Inca Lake Titicaca, all of the rooms have a sweeping, panoramic view of the lake. The hotel also has llamas and alpacas roaming the grounds!


The lake view from this bedroom at Titilaka is pretty stunning too. Love that freestanding bathtub!


Watch more hotel video reviews at Hotel Confidential!

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How To Earn $25 for Your Hotel Video Review

Are you a frequent traveler? Do you stay in hotels when you travel? If you are looking for a new and powerful way to share your opinion about the hotels where you stay, try making a short video review! Hotel Confidential is the number one source for online hotel video reviews from travelers all over the world and we want to see your videos too.

Anyone can upload hotel video reviews. You can even shoot a review on your smartphone! And now, when you book your hotel stay at, you can earn $25 when you upload a video review of your hotel. Here’s how it works:

Step One: Book your hotel stay at

Step Two: Send us your Quikbook itinerary number and let us know you will be shooting a video review.

Step Three: Shoot your video review.

Step Four: Upload your video review to

Step Five: Enjoy your $25!

To get started, click here to sign up or email the following information:

  1. The Hotel Name and Hotel City where you will be shooting a video review (e.g. Portola Hotel & Spa in Monterey, CA)
  2. Your Quikbook itinerary number
  3. Your PayPal email address so we can send you your $25
  4. How you heard about Hotel Confidential

We can’t wait to see your video reviews!

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Introducing Hotel Confidential Videos on

Since Hotel Confidential went live a year ago, our Hotel Confidential agents have uploaded reviews of over 600 hotels. Add in the videos that were uploaded while the site was in beta, and all together Hotel Confidential now features nearly 5,000 videos from over a thousand different hotels around the world. We want to thank YOU, our community of world-traveling Hotel Confidential agents. You have uncovered the best, the worst, the cleanest, the grungiest, the most serene, and the most exotic hotels on the planet, AND you have shared your reviews so that other travelers can look before they book.

Now, Hotel Confidential is entering an exciting new phase. Hotel Confidential video reviews can now be watched at our sister site, Starting May 1st, you will earn a $25 reward for your video review only when you book your hotel at Thursday, April 30th is the last day that you will be able to submit hotels for the $25 offer for hotel stays that are not booked on No matter where you book your hotel stay, we hope you will continue to share your video reviews on Hotel Confidential.

We also want to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, comments, or suggestions about your hotel video reviewing experience, please email us! We greatly appreciate the feedback we have received from you already. Your comments and suggestions have helped us improve the site and we want to keep improving.

Thank you for all your time, creativity, and dedication to this experiment. We are looking forward to more exciting developments to come.

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Where to Stay on a Fancation

Green Dragon

Have you ever planned a trip around visiting sites from your favorite TV show or movie? The IHG blog recently published an infographic showing some great “fancation” ideas, from Middle Earth (a.k.a. New Zealand) for Lord of the Rings fans to Albuquerque, New Mexico (Breaking Bad), and from Charlotte, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia (The Hunger Games) to London, England (Dr. Who). There are some great recommendations of hotels where you can stay on your film pilgrimage as well.

Check out the infographic by IHG here:

When you go, make sure to upload your video reviews to Hotel Confidential! Apply here to earn $25 for your video review:

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Tips for Uploading Your Video Reviews

It doesn’t take very long to shoot a hotel video review. Sixty seconds is all you need to show an area of the hotel where you are staying and tell us what you think about it. Uploading your videos though? That can sometimes be a different story. Video files take longer to upload than photos or text because the file size is so much bigger.

When you are ready to upload your video reviews, keep the following guidelines in mind to help you upload your videos quickly and successfully.

1. File size: Videos must be less than 1 GB.

2. File type: We recommend H.264/MP4 but we also accept the following file types: .avi, .dv, .mov/.qt, .mpeg, .mp4, .3gp, .asf/.wmv, .flv.

3. Internet connection: You must have a strong internet connection in order to upload successfully. If the internet disconnects at any moment during the uploading process, the upload will not be successful.

If you have any questions or are having trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us at
. We will be happy to provide any technical assistance needed.

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Hotel Confidential Featured on Mapping Megan


Hotel Confidential is thrilled to be featured in a blog post by acclaimed travel blogger Megan Claire of Mapping Megan. In an awesome post called Alternative Ways to Make Money While Traveling, Megan lists a number of proven ways to earn money on the road, from teaching English and day-trading to tending bar and acting. Some travelers find ways to use their photography and videography skills and equipment to make money by working on projects for clients or selling stock footage. Hotel Confidential is another way to use video to make some extra cash, but you don’t have to be a professional filmmaker to make a quality hotel video review! And as Megan says, “Chances are you’ll be staying in a hotel or hostel at some point along your trip. Why not get paid to review the hotels you’re already staying at?!”

Read the full post here:

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Hotel Confidential Featured on Flight Attendant Source

FAS logo
Hotel Confidential is proud to partner with Flight Attendant Source to bring hotel video reviews to flight attendant communities. Being a frequent traveler comes with the job description for flight attendants, so who better to share their expert opinion on hotels around the globe? Along with an excellent article explaining what Hotel Confidential is and how to get started, a link to Hotel Confidential can now be found on the Flight Attendant Source resources page. It has been exciting to see Hotel Confidential shared across social media and we want to give a warm welcome to all the new Hotel Confidential agents who signed up to share their video reviews!

Read the article on Flight Attendant Source here. Share with the frequent flier in your life!

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Create and Upload Hotel Video Reviews with the Hotel Confidential App


The Hotel Confidential app makes shooting and uploading your review easier than ever. Plus, you’ll earn $25 for each review. This free app allows you to film a review and upload to Hotel Confidential directly from your iPhone. Watch the training video for tips on how to make an awesome video review and check out the latest and greatest video reviews right on the app. You can also add videos to existing reviews and edit reviews and video information after you’ve published your review.

Download the free iPhone app from the App Store to get started. To make sure that your review qualifies for the $25 reward, don’t forget to email us at to have your hotel approved before you shoot your review. And let us know if you have any questions or feedback for us! Your comments help us make crucial improvements to Hotel Confidential and we appreciate every one of them.

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Ping Pong and Pets: The Colorful Lobby of The Saguaro Palm Springs

Saguaro Lobby

The lobby of The Saguaro Palm Springs, a Joie de Vivre hotel, is a Technicolor dream. You’ll find a ping pong table and a swim shop along with the reception desk and couches and chairs for lounging. There’s even a taco bar in the back.

Click here to watch more videos of The Saguaro Palm Springs on Hotel Confidential.

Visit The Saguaro Palm Springs website.

Got a hotel you want to review for Hotel Confidential? Email us at

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